A Trip to the Skate Park

A Trip to the Skate Park

1. After supper

Roberto smiled.
He was in Grade 5.
Mathieu was in
Grade 6 and wanted
to hang out with him.

They planned to eat
lunch at the skate
park near the school.

Roberto? It’s Mathieu.
So, did you ask your-mom?

Yes, she said
it was okay.

Great. See-you

2. The next morning

Roberto needed permission
to leave the school at
His mom wrote
a note in his agenda.

Are you sure Mathieu’s dad can
go to the park with you?

Yes. Don’t worry.

No adult, no skate park.
Okay? Be careful.

3. At lunchtime

It’s cool that you
can come to the park.

I know! So,
where’s your dad?

He didn’t come.
He-said I can go to
the park without him.

Is-that okay?

Roberto didn’t know
what to say.
He didn’t
want Mathieu to think
he was a baby.
He didn’t
want to disobey his
mom and get in trouble.

Roberto made his
He decided
to go to the skate park.